How to reduce CO2 emissions?

CO2 emissions cause the greenhouse effect and the reduction of ozone layer. That however causes the global warming, which is the biggest threat of our planets future. Although reduction of CO2 emissions cannot be reduced in high amounts within next few years, you can help by reducing your own personal CO2 emissions.

First thing you should do is turning off your car when you are not using it. We are used to not turn the engine off while waiting for few minutes, but in these few minutes huge amount of CO2 emissions is being produced. It won’t take much effort to turn your key few times more so there is no excuse of not doing it.

Also think of your driving habits. Aggressive driving causes lot bigger consumption of fuel, so also it increases amounts of CO2 emissions than normal driving. Don’t take fast turns and movements. Drive according to the speed limits and you will save your money and also will help our planet.

Then you can also choose appropriate fuel. Some fuel doesn’t burn completely. That also means bigger fuel consumption and bigger amounts of CO2 emissions. Almost every fuel station nowadays offer effective fuel adaptive. It might be a little bit more expensive, but as you will reduce the fuel consumption this way, you won’t lose any money.

Choose economic car. This not only will help the environment, but also will help you to save some money as well. If you are using a car mostly in the city, choose a car with smaller engine. You don’t need a powerful car if you are not driving faster than with 50 km/h. Also evaluate if you need a big family car or smaller car is enough for your needs.

Also consider to buy electric car instead of gasoline powered car. Yes, electric cars are more expensive than traditional, gasoline powered cars, but the investments will pay off within few years. It is cheaper to use electricity; beside there are tax discounts in most of the countries for those who choose electric cars. This will reduce the amount of your personal emissions until the minimum.

Also the pressure in tires can reduce the amounts of CO2 emissions. Under-inflated tires can drive down fuel economy. That means if you maintain normal pressure in your tires, you will be able to reduce fuel consumption. That is not complicated to check your tires, so you should do it as soon as possible.

Actually the reduction of CO2 emissions means the reduction of fuel consumption. That means you can help the planet by helping yourself to save some money. If there are so huge benefits from these actions, than why not do it?

How to reduce CO2 emissions?

How to travel according to eco friendly principles?

Probably anyone knows that tourism is not the most sustainable industry. Traveling means using transportation for long distances which causes CO2 emissions; staying in hotels which are well known for using chemicals in everyday cleaning; eating in catering establishments, which are known for food waste and seeing some nature tourism objects which are being damaged that way. So does that mean you have to give up travelling if you want to become eco friendly?

Traveling doesn’t necessary needs to be harmful to the nature. Usually our choices makes it that way, but if we dedicate some time to think how can we change our traveling habits to become little bit more eco friendly, we can do it without worrying about ecological problems that we might cause.

Travelling always is related with motorized transportation, which usually is airplane, cruise ship, bus or car. They all are causing CO2 emissions. Some more, some less, but we cannot fully avoid that for now. First step, of course would be to choose the less harmful variant from those which are available. If you are traveling alone, of course public transportation would be a better choice, but there are at least three travelers than economic car also would be appropriate. You will leave some ecological footprints, but you can reduce the harm by planting the tree. It is proved that one tree can absorb emissions of 12 hour flight in airplane for one person. So plant tree each time you travel.

The next big problem is the hotels. That is one of the most eco unfriendly industries in the world. Most of the hotels use chemicals for cleaning the rooms and doing the laundry. If we think about the amounts of chemicals and water used because of these actions each day, we can only imagine the harm they are doing to the environment. The good news is that there really are some eco friendly hotels which use organic materials not only for cleaning, but also for other things. For example they are using furniture made of fast growing natural materials such as bamboo. Also they let you choose how often the towels and sheets must be washed and garbage taken away. If that still isn’t green enough for you, there are also alternatives to hotels such as camping.

While traveling, people are usually eating in restaurants or other catering establishments. They are the biggest cause of food waste which is important global problem. Eating at them doesn’t go along with green philosophy, but also catering establishments can be eco friendly and work by sustainable principles. Some of the restaurants have contracts with animal farms and all the uneaten food is given away to these farms so nothing is wasted. Even more, some restaurants are using only green, organic products and really dedicate some time and money to become fully green. If you can’t find these kind of establishments or just don’t want to go to them for some reasons, you can also buy the food at shop, during the travel.

Also seeing nature tourism objects doesn’t need to do any harm if you are not knowingly doing that. If you only go near them and look at them from a distance, not actually touch them, you won’t do any harm. Even more, there are entering fees at most of the nature objects which are later dedicated to the conservation of them. So basically you are doing more good than bad by visiting them. Just be careful and don’t leave any waste behind yourself.

Everything can be done in eco friendly way if you really want that and think of ways how to do that. Green lifestyle doesn’t mean any kind of restrictions only creative thinking and desire to save our planet.

How to travel according to eco friendly principles?

What are living walls and why do they matter?

Although many people would love to go outside and have some fresh air, it is not always possible because there are some times we have to stay inside to do our obligations. For some that is office work, for some house works and for some other reasons, but the fact is that we can’t always spend as much time in a fresh air as we would like to.

Spending so much time indoors is dangerous because of indoor pollution which can cause all kind of diseases and overall health problems. This indoor pollution can be even five times higher than pollution outdoors. There are many sources of indoor pollution such us manufactured fiber, broken flourished lights, plastic products, heating equipment, glues and paints, pressed wood products, old soft furniture etc. Just imagine how many of these pollution sources you have in your room.

We cannot easily get rid of all these pollution sources, but we can easily reduce the adverse effects caused by them. All we need is living walls and vertical gardens. Those are vertical stands with all kind of real plants. There can be many kind of plants included in these walls. Those can be some native plants, exotic plants or even herbs and vegetables. Of course, you can also simply put some plants into your room, but living walls have many benefits.

The most important aspect that makes living walls superior than simple plants is the effective usage of the place. You can have even hundred different plants, but they won’t bother you at all, because they are arranged vertically. So instead of one or two plants you can put on the desk, you can make a whole wall that reaches to the sealing. You can turn your house into a garden, but there won’t be any problems with lack of space.

This concentration of plants in one room will absorb most of the indoor pollution. The air will be as fresh as in outdoors. Just like trees in the forest, these plants will clean the air at your home. All the pollution from manufactured materials will be turned into pure oxygen and the time spent at home will be as healthy as time spent outdoors.

These walls also look very good. They will make your interior interesting and green. These walls can clearly show that owner of the house is eco-friendly and that he really loves nature. It is like a personalized interior object that tells everything about your lifestyle.

Another great thing about them is the possibility to grow something useful. For example you can grow some herbs, which later you can use while cooking or even you can grow some vegetables, fruits and berries. That is a great way how to save some money on these products and make sure they are organic and healthy, not like the ones you can buy at the supermarket.

Basically these living walls can turn your home into small garden. You can make your indoor life as productive and green as outdoor life so make at least one small living wall that can help you to live healthier and better life.

What are living walls and why do they matter?

Stop the food waste!

Food waste is bad from so many aspects. It’s unethical, bad for the environment, and also a huge waste of money. All the industrialized countries throw out more than 670 million tons of food every year. Of course we cannot stop that so easy, but we can change our own habits starting from today. Most of the people consider it as a norm to throw out some groceries once in a while, but it is possible to live even without this small individual waste. Here are some advices how to reduce the amount of wasted food.

You can use all the products that are starting to age. The easiest way how to do that is by making some foods with lot of ingredients. For example, if you have some vegetable leftovers that are starting to look bad, but are still good for use, make a soup, salad or stew. If you have lot of vegetables, make smoothies. There are a lot of recipes, so there is a pretty big chance you will find something especially for your grocery mix.

Also change the way you go shopping. Lot of people goes to the shop or markets only once a weak or even and buys groceries for all that time. It is hard to predict what amount of food you will use each weak and what you will want to eat each day, so better go to the shop more often if that is possible. If not, than at least try to buy products with longer realization dates.

Some of the groceries can be stored for a lot longer time if you preserve them. For example, if you have lot of vegetables left freeze them or put them into a jar and heat. Also you can do that with meat if you have some preservation recipes. Frozen or preserved food can be stored even for several months or a whole year.

Don’t trust the realization dates. Every product has a realization date and most of the people believe that product is not good for use after this date. In lot of cases it is not true. If the realization date have passed, that means the manufacturer don’t take responsibility for this products quality any more, but it doesn’t necessary means that product is old. If it looks and smells fine, you can use it even if the realization date is over for a few days. Especially it requires to products that has to be cooked before eating.

Also planning the meals can help. If you know what you will eat every day, you will know what and how much to buy. That will help you not to buy groceries that won’t be used. If you buy food rare than better plan meals with similar products in them so there would be fewer leftovers.

If you follow all these advices you will be able to save a lot of money and help the environment at the same time. There are limited resources on this planet so lest use them wisely.

Stop the food waste!

How to make everyday life more environmentally friendly

Most of the people have never thought of how much harm they do to the environment just by doing some simple everyday tasks. We want comfort, so we doesn’t care that we damage our own planet, but by that we ensure less comfort in the future. Here are some simple ways, how we can help the environment by simply changing some of our habits.

One of the most common ways how we all permanently and dramatically damage environment is by dong laundry. That might seem odd, because it’s just one of normal everyday chores, but think of all the chemicals, water and energy used in this process. All the sewage with phosphor and other dangerous chemicals go right into the natural waters. So do your laundry as rare as possible and always use the eco friendly washing powder without phosphates and bleach. If it’s time to change your washing machine, than buy one that has high energy efficiency class.

Also any motorized transportation is bad to environment. Every fuel-powered vehicle produces CO2 emissions that create reduction of ozone layer and creation of global warming. That is the easiest way how to destroy the planet. To not let that happen, ride a bike or walk by foot. Of course, it is not possible to get anywhere that way, but at least use that for short distances in everyday life. That will not only be a huge help to the environment, but also your own health.

Big changes can make recycling. Lot of people think that they are already doing that, because, they put the plastic or glasses in separate containers, than municipal waste. Actually it is possible to live with no useless waste at all. Learn what types of plastic, metal, paper and glass can be recycled and others give away in a designated waste collecting points. Especially it refers to electronics and batteries. The municipal waste should contain only organic waste.

One of the ways how households use the enormous amounts of energy is by regulating the temperature by air conditioning and heathers. Of course, normal air temperature is important, but sometimes there are other, better options. If you want your house to be cooler, keep the windows opened cover them from sun. If you want it warmer, think of isolation and warm yourself with clothes and blankets.

Also consumption of water damages the environment. Even if water is chap and you can afford to use it as much as you want, think of pollution and useless use of resources. Actually it is quite a simple task to save water, because we are used to waste it every day. For example, don’t clean your clothes and dishes when the machines are not full, because the consumption of full dish or washing machines and half-empty doesn’t change. Also go to shower not bath and use water responsible while cooking. That is really simple, just think of that every time you open the tap.

How to make everyday life more environmentally friendly

How to clean house organic?

It is good thing to keep your house clean, but in most of the cases we do the harm to ourselves and environment by doing that, because of the use of chemicals. It doesn’t necessary be like that. Here are some advices how to keep your house clean using only organic and nature friendly products.

Clean all the metal dishes with lemon and salt. Salt will work as a scrub for bigger dirt and lemon will give shine. You don’t need to use strong chemicals to make your metal kitchen utensils to look as new. In this way you can get rid of burn fat, lime and even rust. For some really nasty stains you can add a bit baking soda to make the foam.

For floors the best cleaner is vinegar and water. It will work a lot better than any chemical cleaner you can buy at the shop. Only disadvantage is that this kind of cleaner won’t give the nice smell, but don’t worry, because there are solution also for that.

The commercially manufactured air fresheners are pure poison made of chemical and are really bad for health and environment, so never use them. Make your own from organic materials such as essential oil and dried flowers, dried fruits etc. Just mix them together and you will get the perfect perfume. They will smell good and be good for use for a long time.

For washing dishes use baking soda. The cleaning of dishes is especially important because we are eating from them and at the same time we are eating the cleaner we use. Baking soda will clean the fat and other dirt from dishes even at cold water. For really burnt and dirty ones you can add a bit lemon and salt as well.

The biggest issue is doing laundry. There really is no effective organic replacer to washing powder and also the washing with hands is wry exhausting so you will have to use them. Just don’t buy the washing powder with phosphorous and bleach. Use eco washing powders and cleaners with quality signs. Also check the settings of the washing machine. Lot of people use long washing and high temperature even is the clothes are not that dirty.

There are also some products you should never use in any kind of cleaning. For example never use paper towels for cleaning. They are made from trees, so it’s a huge waste. Instead use cloth tissues. It is possible to clean them and use again. If you don’t want to buy them just use some old cotton shirt or other clothes. Also don’t use strong cleaners that make vapors. That is especially dangerous.

So use these tricks to save your money and help the environment. You will feel really big difference if you try these methods, because you won’t poison your body anymore.

How to clean house organic?