Bio friendly car cleaning

It is possible to find all kind of ecological home cleaning tips, but house is not the only thing that must be cleaned regularly. Also car is usually being cleaned at least once a week, beside people usually doesn’t pay too much attention to eco friendly principles when it comes to cleaning the car. We just buy the first cleaner we see at the shop and wash by ourselves or even take car to the carwash where gallons of water are being wasted. Here are some advices how to make car cleaning more bio friendly.

The first thing you should know is that most of the car cleaners are pure poison. Manufacturers doesn’t pay too much attention on making the cleaners safe for the health, because only outside of the car is cleaned with them and people don’t come into a direct contact with them after cleaning. There really is a need for strong cleaner, because cars get quite dirty soon, but it would be better to choose some eco friendly house cleaner instead of specialized car cleaner. That will protect your health and also the environment, because the wastewater will be less harmful.

Also the cleaners used in car salons are quite toxic. Especially, the ones, which are meant for leather seats. Try linseed oil instead of these manufactured cleaners. You will be surprised about the cleaning results, beside this oil is fully organic and won’t do any harm neither to your health and neither to the environment. For fiber seats use water and baking soda with lemon. That will take out the stains better than any cleaner.

Lot of people chooses to use carwash instead of manual washing. In most of the carwashes the water is being used unreasonably, beside they use very strong, toxic chemicals for cleaning. You should definitely avoid form these kind of carwashes. However, there are also some eco friendly carwashes which collects all the wastewaters and use only biological products in cleaning. If there are some on eco friendly carwashes near you than there is nothing wrong with using carwash.

Another really toxic thing we can find in almost any car is the air fresher. Of course it is nice if your car smells good, but don’t use manufactured air fresher that are made from very strong chemicals. Inhalation of them can cause many health problems, so better use organic one. Make it from dryad flowers and oil or other organic ingredients. The smell will be even more pleasurable and you won’t harm yourself.

It is possible to make car washing and cleaning bio friendly and at the same time easy. Just because you don’t spend too much time in your car it doesn’t mean you can use toxic products for cleaning. In that way you are doing irreparable damage to the nature and also threatening yourself, so better change your car cleaning habits as soon as possible.