We usually see water as something self evident. We don’t consider water as meaningful resource like oil or gold, but actually water is one of the most valuable resources on our planet. There would be no life on this planet without water, so it is very important to use it responsibly and sustainably.

We know that almost 70 % of the worlds surface is covered with water, so that might seem odd to talk about lack of water, but actually only around 2 % of all this water is fresh water that can be used for a humans consumption. It is very small amount for whole world, but we are using this water unreasonably. Water use in many parts of the world has become unsustainable in such level many businesses and life together is threatened. Here are some simple tips how you can start to save water and help the planet.

Close the water taps when water is not needed, even if it’s only for few seconds. For example, many people are running the water while brushing the teeth. Those are only few minutes, but just calculate the amounts of water wasted each year. Beside many people are doing that so the waste is actually huge. If the whole planet would exterminate this habit, we would be able to provide many countries with clean water.

Choose shower instead of water and reduce the showering time to 5 minutes. That is more than enough time for washing. Of course you can take a bath once in a while to relax if you want, but don’t make it every day habit. The amounts of hot water you can save this way are very meaningful.

If you have a garden, water it reasonably. Many people choose automatic watering systems. They are very convenient for usage, but they waste water. They water the plants even when it’s not necessary, beside they water bigger fields than it’s actually needed. The fresh water that could be used for drinking is just poured out to the ground. If you want to stop this waste you can either water your garden manually or invest some money in wise watering system.

Turn your toilet into a low flow toilet. You can do it by simply putting a plastic bottle into a water tank to reduce the amount of water in it or you can buy a whole new water tank. This will help you to save huge amounts of water, because water in toilet usually is flushed several times a day and each time you will be able to save few liters.

If you have a dish washer, use it only when it is full. Usually people use the washing machine even when there are just one or two items inside if these dishes are needed. If you really need these dishes take them out and wash with hands, but if not, wait until the washing machine is full. The same thing we can advise for the laundry.

All these actions are quite simple and don’t take much effort. If you still don’t think that it is worth to travail a bit to save the planet, at least think of your own water bills that will be reduced to half.

CO2 emissions cause the greenhouse effect and the reduction of ozone layer. That however causes the global warming, which is the biggest threat of our planets future. Although reduction of CO2 emissions cannot be reduced in high amounts within next few years, you can help by reducing your own personal CO2 emissions.

First thing you should do is turning off your car when you are not using it. We are used to not turn the engine off while waiting for few minutes, but in these few minutes huge amount of CO2 emissions is being produced. It won’t take much effort to turn your key few times more so there is no excuse of not doing it.

Also think of your driving habits. Aggressive driving causes lot bigger consumption of fuel, so also it increases amounts of CO2 emissions than normal driving. Don’t take fast turns and movements. Drive according to the speed limits and you will save your money and also will help our planet.

Then you can also choose appropriate fuel. Some fuel doesn’t burn completely. That also means bigger fuel consumption and bigger amounts of CO2 emissions. Almost every fuel station nowadays offer effective fuel adaptive. It might be a little bit more expensive, but as you will reduce the fuel consumption this way, you won’t lose any money.

Choose economic car. This not only will help the environment, but also will help you to save some money as well. If you are using a car mostly in the city, choose a car with smaller engine. You don’t need a powerful car if you are not driving faster than with 50 km/h. Also evaluate if you need a big family car or smaller car is enough for your needs.

Also consider to buy electric car instead of gasoline powered car. Yes, electric cars are more expensive than traditional, gasoline powered cars, but the investments will pay off within few years. It is cheaper to use electricity; beside there are tax discounts in most of the countries for those who choose electric cars. This will reduce the amount of your personal emissions until the minimum.

Also the pressure in tires can reduce the amounts of CO2 emissions. Under-inflated tires can drive down fuel economy. That means if you maintain normal pressure in your tires, you will be able to reduce fuel consumption. That is not complicated to check your tires, so you should do it as soon as possible.

Actually the reduction of CO2 emissions means the reduction of fuel consumption. That means you can help the planet by helping yourself to save some money. If there are so huge benefits from these actions, than why not do it?