What are living walls and why do they matter?

Although many people would love to go outside and have some fresh air, it is not always possible because there are some times we have to stay inside to do our obligations. For some that is office work, for some house works and for some other reasons, but the fact is that we can’t always spend as much time in a fresh air as we would like to.

Spending so much time indoors is dangerous because of indoor pollution which can cause all kind of diseases and overall health problems. This indoor pollution can be even five times higher than pollution outdoors. There are many sources of indoor pollution such us manufactured fiber, broken flourished lights, plastic products, heating equipment, glues and paints, pressed wood products, old soft furniture etc. Just imagine how many of these pollution sources you have in your room.

We cannot easily get rid of all these pollution sources, but we can easily reduce the adverse effects caused by them. All we need is living walls and vertical gardens. Those are vertical stands with all kind of real plants. There can be many kind of plants included in these walls. Those can be some native plants, exotic plants or even herbs and vegetables. Of course, you can also simply put some plants into your room, but living walls have many benefits.

The most important aspect that makes living walls superior than simple plants is the effective usage of the place. You can have even hundred different plants, but they won’t bother you at all, because they are arranged vertically. So instead of one or two plants you can put on the desk, you can make a whole wall that reaches to the sealing. You can turn your house into a garden, but there won’t be any problems with lack of space.

This concentration of plants in one room will absorb most of the indoor pollution. The air will be as fresh as in outdoors. Just like trees in the forest, these plants will clean the air at your home. All the pollution from manufactured materials will be turned into pure oxygen and the time spent at home will be as healthy as time spent outdoors.

These walls also look very good. They will make your interior interesting and green. These walls can clearly show that owner of the house is eco-friendly and that he really loves nature. It is like a personalized interior object that tells everything about your lifestyle.

Another great thing about them is the possibility to grow something useful. For example you can grow some herbs, which later you can use while cooking or even you can grow some vegetables, fruits and berries. That is a great way how to save some money on these products and make sure they are organic and healthy, not like the ones you can buy at the supermarket.

Basically these living walls can turn your home into small garden. You can make your indoor life as productive and green as outdoor life so make at least one small living wall that can help you to live healthier and better life.