It is nothing new that recycling is a good way how to help our planet. Recycling can ensure reduction of pollution and reasonable usage of resources. Although many people are aware of that, they still don’t recycle or do it only partly. If you really care about the environment you must get fully involved into recycling. Here are some advices that will help you to turn recycling into self evident everyday habit and at the same time meaningful part of your life.

First you need to start with theoretical research. Unfortunately everything is not as simple as putting plastic, glass and metal into different containers. There is very wide range of materials and you must check which ones of them can be recycled and how. Some materials must be recycled separately or even utilized with special methods. Check the different types of each material and their recycling methods.

After that you must get a recycling bin at home. You can either buy it of made by yourself by simply separating dust bin into seven parts – metal, glass, plastic, paper, organic materials and special materials that must be utilized separately. That will make recycling easy. Just put the waste into correct section. Even kids will be able to recycle if you use this simple method.

When the section of a trash bin is full, you must take them out. Make sure you are putting them into correct container. If there are no recycling containers near your house, you must find other places where to throw them out. That will take some more effort, but it is definitely worth it.

But recycling doesn’t end with putting the waste into separate bins. Also you have to think what you are buying and using. Better avoid buying products which have package made out of toxic materials. Also you should reduce the consumption of products with plastic, glass and metal packages. For example, buy reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water every time. Also don’t use too much plastic bags. Better buy fiber bag, which you can take with you every time you go shopping. Cut off all the single use items and think of reasonable usage of resources.

Also remember to clean after yourself while being outdoors or at other place beside your home. Many people recycle while they are at home, but leave trash after themselves elsewhere. If it’s possible recycle even when you go camping or spend some time at the park, but if there are no recycling bins, at least put your trash into regular bin.

You can also help by participating in all kind of projects and campaigns. Get involved and educate also others not only yourself. You can start with educating your local community by organizing lectures, seminars or all kind of events. Ask your municipality to provide recycling bins in your hometown and make sure you are not the only one who cares about the environment.

Food waste is bad from so many aspects. It’s unethical, bad for the environment, and also a huge waste of money. All the industrialized countries throw out more than 670 million tons of food every year. Of course we cannot stop that so easy, but we can change our own habits starting from today. Most of the people consider it as a norm to throw out some groceries once in a while, but it is possible to live even without this small individual waste. Here are some advices how to reduce the amount of wasted food.

You can use all the products that are starting to age. The easiest way how to do that is by making some foods with lot of ingredients. For example, if you have some vegetable leftovers that are starting to look bad, but are still good for use, make a soup, salad or stew. If you have lot of vegetables, make smoothies. There are a lot of recipes, so there is a pretty big chance you will find something especially for your grocery mix.

Also change the way you go shopping. Lot of people goes to the shop or markets only once a weak or even and buys groceries for all that time. It is hard to predict what amount of food you will use each weak and what you will want to eat each day, so better go to the shop more often if that is possible. If not, than at least try to buy products with longer realization dates.

Some of the groceries can be stored for a lot longer time if you preserve them. For example, if you have lot of vegetables left freeze them or put them into a jar and heat. Also you can do that with meat if you have some preservation recipes. Frozen or preserved food can be stored even for several months or a whole year.

Don’t trust the realization dates. Every product has a realization date and most of the people believe that product is not good for use after this date. In lot of cases it is not true. If the realization date have passed, that means the manufacturer don’t take responsibility for this products quality any more, but it doesn’t necessary means that product is old. If it looks and smells fine, you can use it even if the realization date is over for a few days. Especially it requires to products that has to be cooked before eating.

Also planning the meals can help. If you know what you will eat every day, you will know what and how much to buy. That will help you not to buy groceries that won’t be used. If you buy food rare than better plan meals with similar products in them so there would be fewer leftovers.

If you follow all these advices you will be able to save a lot of money and help the environment at the same time. There are limited resources on this planet so lest use them wisely.